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About Menck EcoPrint & Indigo

In 2020, I started to develop a more Eco-friendly Range that is free of chemicals in its colour and printing applications.


In Collaborating with Jane Solomon from Fabricnation, The Eco Printing process involves placing plant cuttings on a garment, rolling it into a tight bundle and boiling or steaming it in iron water to release the plant pigment onto the cloth. 


Natural Indigo is an intense blue dye that is extracted from the leaves of ‘Indigofera Tinctoria’ plants, native to the Indian Subcontinent. Cloths and silks have been dyed with natural indigo for centuries in the East as well as in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Peru and West Africa.   


Under the guidance of Refia Sacks, the Indigo Dyeing process involves adding freeze-dried indigo crystals along with other components to warm water. A good indigo dye vat will turn the cloth a light green colour when dipped, and once the garment is exposed to air, the green colour will turn a brilliant indigo blue. This alchemical process creates a lively varied colour tone on the cloth. 


Please note, each EcoPrint and Indigo garment is unique in its texture, botanical print and/or colour tonal variation, and therefore cannot be repeated.


One colour at a time, we are moving closer to the application of chemical free, natural colours, and dyeing processes, bringing individuality and health to each garment in this Eco Range. I wish to share the joy of EcoPrint and Indigo with you!   

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Explore the EcoPrint & Indigo Range

Blouses & Tops

Blouses & Tops



Pants & Skirts

Pants & Skirts



EcoPrint & Indigo Care Instructions

Due to the natural colour, Eco printed and Indigo dyed garments can appear different in varying light and will fade slightly over time. For the best care and preservation of colour:

  • Handwash in cold water – do not scour or soak for long

  • Or cold, gentle machine wash with like colours and in a pillow slip

  • Line dry away from direct sunlight

  • Wash with detergents that are free of bleaching agents (such as Earthsap Laundry Powder)

  • Do not place or store in sunlight (UV Rays)

  • Wash as seldom as possible

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