Inspired by nature.

Menck Clothing is a Cape Town based clothing range designed by Ilse Menck. It is inspired by the Cape natural surroundings, its fynbos floral kingdom, natural textures and colors, and the general honesty of the area and the way people live here. 

Not wanting to encourage consumerism, the Menck range focuses on clothing that will last in terms of appearance and quality.

Only natural materials are used with a main focus on pure linen, due to its lively texture and cool, breathable feel on the skin as well as its high quality lasting strength. The designs are timeless and yet could complement any contempory wardrobe. Each style has been shaped for the real woman, aiming to flatter both slim and voluptuous, young and mature. Textures, such as pin tucks, tucks and crushed effects are added to our fabrics to enhance texture, enrich the garment and add an organic feel – attempting to connect the wearer to her natural surroundings as well as her own inner nature.


Since 2012 the architect and textile designer, Charlotte Purves, has designed a beautiful fynbos print exclusively for the Menck range. 



Menck Clothing continually attempts to reach higher ethical standards in terms of the environment and worker relations. Fabric processes are reduced to a minimum (such as wash and softener treatments etc.).We have started our exclusive range made from 65% Hemp / 35% organic cotton fibres, which forms part of our new Green Range (green label). These fibres are much more environmentally ethical from manufacture to consumption to biodegradability.  We have also started working with 100% Belgian linen in another limited range, which is manufactured with more environmentally sustainable methods than Chinese linen. 

We are focused on limiting our carbon footprint by producing 80% of our garments on our own (Cape Flats based) premises and outsourcing only about 20% of our production to a CMT which is situated 2km's from Menck premises. We also recycle our paper/cardboard and fabric off-cuts. Our staff work in a friendly, personalized atmosphere and continual assessment is made into their general wellbeing. We believe that everything begins and ends with our team. How we work and how we all feel about our role within our workplace is crucial for the production of the high quality that we aim for.